computer aided design for events, concerts, and shows

Hawaii Event Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Hawaii Computer Aided Design Services for Events (CAD)

Computer aided design, or CAD, is used to create precision drawings, layouts and technical illustrations. We can create scenic and project illustrations that will bring your vision to life.

During the computer-aided design process, we will collaborate with you to help create your perfect event, concert, trade show, or sporting event. This CAD service is a great way to develop the set and visualize what the event will look like prior to setup.

We can also help you choose the appropriate sound, lighting, and video enhancements ideal for your budget and venue. Our computer aided design services begin with you.

Computer Aided Design for Hawaii Live Events, Concerts, and Shows

Typically, larger events require CAD design assistance during the planning phases so that the event can be set up with the appropriate equipment and resources given the parameters of the location or venue.

It is better to find out that a LED screen or rigging truss won’t fit in a venue during the computer aided design planning process than to waste time and resources at the venue site for modifications.

We have a database full of Hawaii’s most popular venues and event locations that accurately depict their size, dimensions, and rigging points to ensure that events are planned accordingly.

Types of Events That Use CAD Design

Once the goals and general ideas of the event have been identified after our collaboration, we will begin to develop the event schematics and drawings within the parameters of the intended venue space. The design will factor in details pertaining to the site’s or venue’s power capabilities and location, rigging points, overall landscape, and dimensions.

Through the computer aided design process, we can provide detailed plans that outline the required wiring plans, ground plans, equipment orientation, and elevations needed to bring your vision to life!

Below are a few types of events that typically use computer-aided design:

  • Hawaii concerts
  • Tradeshows
  • Corporate Events
  • Theatrical performances
  • Conventions
  • Marathons
  • Sporting events
  • Private events
  • Large weddings