Hawaii event management staff

Production & Labor Management

Event Management In Hawaii

Hawai’i Stage and Lighting Rentals has a skilled and professional staff that are highly organized and have years of experience in Hawaii event management. Our event management teams are skilled in each of their areas of expertise, making our setup and strike process streamlined.

Large Hawaii events require specialized event management teams to organize and control event procedures & operations. With various moving parts within an event, it is essential to properly plan, then manage the event with properly trained professionals.

Our event management staff can operate just about every component of an event, including event planning, logistics, production, lighting design, audiovisual systems, and more!

We have the ability to manage large amounts of staff for an event of any size. Hawai’i Stage & Lighting has specialized departments for nearly every aspect of production and event planning.

Production and Labor Management for Concerts and Events in Hawaii

With over 45 years of experience with the Hawaii event industry, we can be sure to partner with you in order to put on the event you envision. Our highly skilled event management staff is expansive, covering many areas of expertise.

Our Hawaii event management team is well versed in staging, lighting systems, lighting design, audiovisual design, computer-aided design, fabrication, special effects, and truss and rigging.

We have successfully managed and operated Hawaii events such as trade shows, corporate events, fundraisers, and concerts!

Whether you need staff to manage lighting or sound systems, create creative pieces, or just need more manpower, we have you covered. With 3 locations across the Hawaiian islands, no matter the size or location, we can help bring operate or manage your Hawaii event with ease.

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Our Departments Include: Truss & Rigging, Lighting, Electricians, Staging, Carpentry, Special Effects, Lighting Design, CAD, Video and LED Wall, Drapes and Fabrication, Set and Scenic, Generators, and much more.

We are very thankful for our talented staff!