Hawaii heavy equipment transport truck

Heavy Equipment & Trucking

Heavy Equipment & Trucking Across the State of Hawaii

Hawai’i Stage & Lighting Rentals, Inc has access to a trucking and distribution system across the entire state of Hawaii. With 3 locations, on Oahu, Maui, and Big Island, we will be able to transport and distribute all heavy equipment with ease. We have a fleet of flatbed trucks and also provide container trucks for larger events, which can be distributed to any island.

We can transport just about any Hawaii heavy equipment to any destination or event. Regardless of the size and dimensions of your heavy equipment, we can move equipment with our fleet of flatbed trucks and container trucks if need be. We have the necessary capabilities to haul and transport your heavy equipment if it is over-sized or wide-haul load.

With an experienced Hawaii logistics team, you can be sure that your heavy equipment for events will arrive safe and sound.

Our Hawai heavy transport specialist can successfully transport any commercial or industrial event equipment, including truss supports, support beams, rigging, LED walls, and more.

Hawaii Heavy Equipment Trucking Transportation

Our fleet of flatbed and large container trucks makes Hawaii heavy equipment transportation a breeze. With our heavy equipment trucking team, we can load, unload, and plan the logistics of your heavy equipment transportation regardless of location or size.