hawaii audio visual equipment installation

Permanent Installation

Hawaii Audio Visual Equipment Installation

Does your Church, School or Organization need a stage and lighting set up? Hawaii Stage & Lighting Rentals will provide custom design, installation and any needed repairs for a Professional Stage and Lighting setup. We are capable of permanent installations for audio-visual equipment across Hawaii. Including permanent audio, visual, and lighting equipment.

We have one of the largest inventories of Hawaii audio-visual equipment, perfect for installation in any setting. With professional electricians and designers that have been in the industry for over 15 years, we can design, program, integrate, and permanently install stage, lighting, and audio equipment professionally.

With 3 locations across the state of Hawaii, audio visual equipment installation can be done on just about any island, including Oahu, Maui, and the big island of Hawaii. We can integrate any system, whether your project is big or small. Any needed maintenance or future systems integration services are available as well. Call for a quote: 808-831-0333

Hawaii Permanent Installations for Audio, Visual, and Lighting Equipment

With over 45 years of experience at Hawaii Stage & Lighting, we ensure that the system and components that are installed are working harmoniously together to produce the best visual and auditory experience. We will handle the programming, video color balancing, audio tuning, and lighting effects to create the perfect system given the parameters of your location or setting.

Here are some of our most popular installs in Hawaii:

Video Installation

Today, video and visual presentation or displays play a crucial role in education, corporate, and church environments. We can install, design, and fine-tune visual displays perfect for your situation. No project is too big or small.

Video installations are the most common in large conference rooms, churches, schools, universities, and hotels.

Audio Installation

Whether you are looking to enhance your current sound system or complete an audio overhaul, we have you covered. We carry audio system solutions that are suitable for even the largest rooms. With some of the best technicians around, we can fine-tune and optimize your sound system for your given situation.

Audio situations are relatively common in school settings, conference rooms, stadiums, auditoriums, and arenas.

Lighting Installation

Nothing brings a room to life like a professional, high-quality lighting system. Our lighting installations can help illuminate your venue, focus the audience’s attention, or add a visual aesthetic.