Whole Hog III

Hog® iPC™ is a small, mid-range controller which is designed to use the Wholehog 3 operating system while also being backward compatible with the classic
Wholehog II operating system for maximum flexibility. The ‘i’ stands for its integrated PC motherboard operating via Windows XP Embedded. Hog iPC uses four universes of DMX output direct from the console, expandable to eight universes using USB DMX Widgets or a USB DMX Super Widget. Includes two 12-inch high-brightness color touchscreens with adjustable viewing angle. Hog iPC can be expanded with a third monitor, and use of DP and IOP for unlimited DMX outputs.

Supports USB Playback Wings and USB Expansion Wings
DP and IOP compatible
MIDI Input, Output and Thru supports MIDI Show Control and MIDI
Time Code
Single Linear Time Code input via 3 pin female XLR connector
Direct connection to several standard visualization packages
Wired and wireless networking ability with multiple Hog 3PC
computers, Hog iPC and Wholehog 3 console systems
Hog 3PC software is standard operating system. Backward compatible
with Hog 2PC software for maximum flexibility (some specifications or
features may not be available when using Hog 2PC version)
Supports third monitor or touch screen
Simple Configuration Panel functions allow quick switching between
Hog 3PC and Hog 2PC software
Integrated roadcase included

Playback Wing
– 10 faders with playback controls
– Integrated 2 port USB hub
– Rugged, high quality control surface
– Bi-color dimmable LED feedback
– Bi-color LED desklight
– USB or PSU (supplied) powered
Programmer Wing
– 4 encoders, trackball and programming controls
– Integrated 2 port USB hub
– Rugged, high quality control surface
– Main playback controls
– Bi-color LED desklight
– USB or PSU (supplied) powered
Super Widget
– 4 DMX universes in one Widget
– DMX512-1990/A compliant
– RDM compatible
– Kensington Security Slot
DMX Widget
– DMX512-1990/-A compliant
– RDM compatible
– USB powered
– Kensington Security Slot
Timecode Widget
– Balanced audio LTC input
– Timecode status LEDs
– USB powered
– Kensington Security Slot
USB Hub Widget
– Rugged 4 port USB hub
– USB or PSU (supplied) powered
– Ideal for use in Rack Adaptor (below)
1U Widget Rack Adaptor
– Rackmounts 5 Widgets
– 4.5″ deep
– Wholehog 3 rack unit styling