Nutra Blend Event

“You all are one of my favorite partners of all time. I can’t stop raving about how happy I was
with our experience with everyone on your team! If you need to ever use me as a reference, please
feel free. All the best to you and the enire crew!”
-Courtney Lohmann, CMP

Hyundai Conference Review

“Hi Guys
Want to thank your whole team. Everyone did a great job. Room looked great and our client was very happy. It is always a
pleasure working with the HSLR team. I do wish we could do more shows with you this year and in the future.
Thank you again for everything.”

Barry D, MC&A

Cisco Corporate Event Review

“Hi …
I really would like to thank you all. This was year 6 with Cisco and we continue to outperform their expectations every time.
Steve, Mike & Kort – Awesome job !
I don’t want to miss anybody as they were all great so I will stop with the leads. They worked as a team from my
perspective better than I have ever seen them before.
Everybody hummed along and got it done and done correctly and efficiently.

Gourmet Events Hawaii

“Thank you for partnering with us to execute the 125th anniversary of Bishop
Wow – your generosity and talent made the event extra special! I am so grateful.
Thank you for all the special touches – they did not go unnoticed by Bishop
Museum and the guests.
I hope to work with both of you in the future whenever our clients need your
With Aloha,”

-Kat,Gourmet Events Hawaii

Compass Event 2014

“I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone on this year’s production team for Compass 2014. The client gave us a tall
order and we came through. I know that this design had its challenges. This group, this crew persevered and the final
product was nothing short of spectacular. My only wish is to work with you guys more often.
Thank you all for a truly great job.”
– Howard Sienkiewicz, Ellen Michaels Presents, Inc

Herbalife Honors Event

I just want to send a quick thank you to you and your tremendous team who assisted us with our Honors Event held at the
HCC this past March. It was a pleasure to work with everyone. Even though we had limited time, and this entailed around
the clock work, not once did we hear any complaints, or “we cannot do this”. Hawaii Stage and Lights is a can do
company. The professionalism and attitude of your group is commendable. Thank you from all of us at Herbalife, you truly
helped us achieve a wonderful Event in short order. I will be happy to recommend HSLR to anyone.”
-Harry Tucker, Herbalife Technical Director

Pro Bowl Review

“I wanted to send you a quick thank you for everything you and your team did for us during Pro Bowl
We made significant improvements in all events due to a wonderful collaboration that started several
months ago.
I also want to call-out Louis and Nina. Over the years they have become one of the parts of Pro
Bowl week I look forward to the most.
Best wishes for a wonderful year.”
Take care,
– Lorie, e2k

i4D Events

“Thank you all for your hard work on this program! It was great to meet you and hopefully it wont be too long before we get to do another one. All of you and your staff were truly a pleasure to work with. Please send my best to the entire crew.
i4D Event Services, Inc

SAP Event Review

“As I approach my 40th year in the production business, I must tell you of the respect and admiration I have
developed for the HSL Staff and crew over the years.
Throughout these four decades, I have seen and worked with some incredible people, but cannot recall a team that, to the
last person, has performed as tirelessly and without complaint as your crew.
Their professionalism and expertise are beyond question. Their true gift is that they care about each other and the
collective quality of the work.
I have seldom had any crew, anywhere, meet my standards of safety and mission focus. Cleanup, trash management, site
preservation seem to be in the HSL DNA.
I truly admire each of you, your work ethic, and consider each of you my friend.
Mahalo and Aloha.”
Thank you,
– Melissa Veenstra