“I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for the Sprint show. I
particularly want to mention what a tremendous contribution your guys
made to our event.
Kimo was utterly professional, hard working, and a terrific resource
on the venue. Additionally, when Chris Nye decided that load in was
the best time to get knocked out by the flu, Kimo stepped in and
finished off the install without skipping a beat, and had us up and
running without a hiccup in the schedule. It may seem an obvious
thing, but there are so many places we work during the year that
Chris’ absence would have knocked our blocks out, and Kimo’s
commitment was absolutely noticed and appreciated.
Mike and Joe were equally awesome to have on site. They just kicked
butt on the outdoor areas, kept us on schedule, took all the right
initiative, and dealt with the decorator folks with tremendous
patience. Steve Dumbacher, our TD for the outdoor venues, commented
to me time and again how awesome these guys were, and how hard they
At the end of the day, a company is only as good as its people, and
you should know that all 3 of these guys represent you to a very high
Now if you can just get Mike C. back into the fold, you will be all
the better for it!!
Thank you and Mahalo,”
– Jeff